Broadcast. Segment. Measure.


Why K.Live?

K.Live is the secure web platform for viewing Kumullus interactive videos, open to both internal and external learners via a simple registration link.

  • Don’t want to bother with an LMS?
  • Don’t have the resources to integrate your Kumullus modules into your website?
  • You don’t have the e-mail addresses of your learners (field staff, for example)?

Then K.Live is for you! Broadcast your training courses simply and professionally, just like on Youtube: you create themed playlists, and subscribe learners to them by sharing a registration link.

The same level of quality everywhere

K.Live is 100% web responsive. This means your learners consume your training courses with optimal rendering whatever their device (desktop, tablet, smartphone).

the behavior
of your learners

For each course delivered, you have access to detailed statistics that will help you analyze the replies and behavior of each of your learners. You then have a 360° view and know exactly what your learners have really memorized, as well as what worked best and what didn’t in your learning design.

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